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BIZAY! Get great value business cards!

*** There is also a wide array of other products you can buy. Banners, t-shirts, etc. ***

Need to promote your business, just yourself, or anything else?

Design your own cards or use ready-made templates provided by Bizay (or anywhere else).

Your cards will be made to a good quality and sent to you directly. All self-made designs can also be checked before sending to ensure they are exactly as you like them.

Our cards ...



How good do you want your cards to appear? If you are designing them youself, then maybe 300 pixels per inch (PPI) is the desired standard.

You will need an appropriate image editor to get the job done. I used a very old version of Serif's Photo Plus 9.0 to design cards for this website. More modern software, whatever it may be, should be more than sufficient to achieve good results.

Alternately, you could pay for someone to design your cards for you. But this comes at a cost.


Business cards have many uses. Not just to promote your business, but to promote yourself. Attach one to a CV, for example. Use them when you are out and about and need to provide contacts details - especially when someone may not have their mobile phone with them, or you need to pass on more than a telephone number.

Business cards also lend an 'air' of professionalism. Some people are impressed by such cards and it shows you are serious about whatever you are trying to promote.

So! With a £3 credit to your account as a new customer (minimum £12.99 purchase), and good-looking cards made at cut-down prices, then you are onto a winner.

Get designing now. Use your imagination. There are plenty of *royalty-free images on the internet if you lack artistic skills. Nothing shoild be stopping you from designing a top-notch business card.

*Here's some suggestions ...


Creative Commons


... and so many more!

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